Sunday, November 11, 2018

A few of my favorite things!

I haven't always been a kombucha fan, in fact, I used to think it was gross! I had a friend in San Antonio who made her own at home and the scoby and the idea of it fermenting on her counter totally  skeeved me out. Ah how times have changed! This past year I got the idea in my head that I would try kombucha and not just try it, but try all the different flavors...So, each week I'd buy one or two bottles to try. I'm not surprised that this is my favorite one.  I enjoy drinking regular chai so this was kind of expected that my favorite kombucha would be chai flavored.

 This past week I had a head cold that I just couldn't shake so I tried to nourish my body with all sorts of healthy things like lots of fluids, tea, kombucha and veggies. Plus I was in bed most nights right after the kids to make sure I allowed my body to rest. Thankfully I'm feeling much better now but it's hard when mama's sick and kids still need to be taken care of. At least with our kids being older, it was a little easier but still challenging to cook, clean and take the kids to all their weekly activities.

 I made a veggie stir fry to put over rice that was jam packed with all sorts of goodness. Don't you love a pic of rainbow colored veggies, or is it just me?
 Next on my cooking me healthy plan was soup! I had planned to make butternut squash soup but when Kevin and kids weren't really feeling it so I adjusted my course and made a harvest soup instead. I first roasted cubed butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato and onions then I added them to a pot with garlic and then I pureed it all. I added milk, some veggie stock and some spices and it was a super hearty, flavorful soup. It was just in time for our weather to turn chilly with a low of 37 and high of 60 the following day. Yes, I realize 60 isn't all that "chilly" to most of the world, but when we're used to triple digit temps, 60 and windy feels like winter

Friday, November 9, 2018

A Few Books I Am Reading

This book had only three main characters and their stories were all pretty heavy but somehow I read the book without feeling too attached to the characters and thus not as emotionally involved. I felt for the young boy in the story because his was truly horrible to imagine happening but overall I enjoyed this book. The story was rough but the descriptions and the way Laura McBride weaved all three stories together kept me reading until the end.  I am happy how the book ended, despite all the sadness surrounding all three characters. 
 This book surprised me in how much it made me cry. I may just have been having an emotional week, but I really felt for the characters as they felt loss and after tragedy befall them. This book gave me a lot to think, specifically related to love and loss and how those two things affect our lives.  There was such a fear of losing the ones we love, one character chose to push her true love away in attempt to save him from his fate but that just made them both miserable. This book truly encapsulated the quote "It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all" by Tennyson. I enjoyed hearing all the witchy ways in this book in how they related to growing and gardening. I love to hear how herbs can be used to heal and have medicinal purposes. Overall this was a great read!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Origami For Kids

Alex received an origami kit a while back and while we tried to do it together, it was too tricky for either of us to make much of anything fun. That being said, the other day Alex was rifling through one of the art bins and came across the origami paper and wanted to try again. This time he looked up some tutorials online and had a much easier time of it. 
He started with a fish and really got the hang of that one.
Then he made a jumping frog which took him significantly longer. He wasn't happy with how small a jump the frog made but for a first try, I'd say it was pretty good!
These are a few of his creations, mainly origami fish, one snake, and one jumping frog. :) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Weekend Miscellaneous

This weekend the weather was beautiful and I was miserable with a head cold. Kevin took Alex out for a bike ride on a new trail and he had a blast. I think they rode 8 miles and Alex was so proud to share the milage and that they road together.
Alex is still loving his new bike and getting really into it. He pretty much wants to ride all the time.
Em wanted to help me cook the other day and it was great. I have such fond memories of Alex cooking with me all the time and most of the time the kids don't help me cook much these days. It was a nice treat to have a helper in the kitchen.
How pretty are these flowers? They're blooming in our front yard and look just lovely. Plus this kombucha is my favorite brand and flavor so I figured I'd share it.
Because I've been fighting off a cold, I think I had on average 3-4 cups of tea per day in attempt to keep my coughing to a minimum and to soothe my throat. It was only in the afternoon on Sunday that I thought to dunk some cookies into my tea. That was by far one of my most enjoyable cups of tea!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Yoga Practice & A Workshop With Kino MacGregor!

I've been posting more on social media about my yoga practice and I'm excited to share that I'll be attending a class taught by Kino MacGregor. She's a yoga teacher but so much more. She has written several books, has a yoga studio in Miami as well as teaches classes all around the world. I've linked to a few of her books and a picture of her below so you can see what she looks like.
I follow her on Instagram and saw a post that she was coming to Las Vegas so I had to go to one of her classes!
I also participated in a yoga challenge on Instagram which was pretty much a prompt once a day to do a specific yoga pose. I have posted a handful of those below.  It turns out it's hard to take pictures of yourself when a timer makes you feel rushed and a handheld remote doesn't work either if you're upside down or balancing on your head!
My back should be straighter here but I was thrilled to see that at least I had my legs straight as I had intended. Boat pose - work in progress!
My triangle looks ok, although I'm still surprised to feel so critical of myself. It's just seeing pictures of super thin/flexible gals on instagram has me feeling like my pictures just aren't picture perfect as I'd like them to be. Ah well.
This is one of my goal pics. I'd like to be able to do a handstand and move around in a handstand without the aid of a wall to rest my feet on. As you can see from the picture, I can get into a handstand and hold myself there, but not without leaning on a wall.
Here I am having fun in a headstand. I've found that I enjoy doing these! I still wish my torso looked longer/thinner and my legs looked skinnier but alas, I am who I am and a stick I am not. ;)
Headstand from a different angle. The kids were super thrilled when they saw I could do a headstand without using the wall for balance. Both of them like to do headstands against the wall so they were impressed I could do it without the wall!
This post I am SUPER proud of! I have been working on getting my feet off the ground and being balanced in this pose for several months now. One of the classes I go to will frequently practice this pose so I've been working on it and it was only once I was at home, focused and really trying to stay in the pose for this picture that I was able to actually lift my feet and stay balanced. (I've been practicing this pose by slowly getting into it, and lifting one foot at a time off of the ground, then lifting both feet but still balancing on my toes and then finally balancing so that my feet were completely lifted off of the ground).
Bridge with my forearms down. I've always liked backbends and somehow have been able to keep the flexibility I had as a kid and can still do them. I have room to grow in my flexibility and strength in bridge pose but I'm happy with how this pose came out.
Now I just need to figure out how to take better pictures with better lighting and maybe not have an outlet and cords in my photos!

A few of my favorite things!

I haven't always been a kombucha fan, in fact, I used to think it was gross! I had a friend in San Antonio who made her own at home and...