Friday, November 27, 2020

Around the house...

We had an eventful week where Butterscotch lost not one but both of her top front teeth! Emily noticed that one was crooked and then the following day one tooth was gone and the next day the other! I'm just hoping she doesn't die as guinea pigs are kind of on the fragile side as far as pets go. It's been about a week and thankfully her two top teeth are growing back but they still look a little crooked... 
I've used the same mug for the last 10 years I've used the same mug every day for tea and this year I've somehow bought two new mugs! This one is one of them and by far my favorite. It's a little early but considering that some people are setting up their Christmas tree, I think a festive mug is a okay! 
With Kevin    having covid and our need to quarantine, I cancelled all my appointments, including my lashes. I was bummed about it and you can definitely tell from my smile how happy I was to have them done once again. It's a silly little thing but makes me so happy. 
This melange of color was our dinner the other night. It's a recipe for my pasta veggie bake. It's a hit with the fam and I like it because it's easy to throw everything together earlier in the day and then bake when it's almost dinner time. I just wrote up the recipe  for it on hubpages if you'd like to check it out. (Click any recipe on the right and it'll take you there.) 
The weather was great the other day and the boys went for a 7 mile bike ride. They didn't mean to match but we all chuckled when we saw this pic of their gray shirts, black shorts, and red helmets! 
Workout selfie, because it didn't happen unless you take a picture, right? =) 
Em has been skating and really loving it of late. We've mostly stuck to letting the kids skate in the house so it's been fun to see her skate outside with more room and freedom.
When Kevin  has off days, we've been walking around our neighborhood, just to get in some movement and time outside of the house.  This particular morning it was overcast and chilly.
Most of the time our weather has still been pretty mild which is nice. The weather is cool in the morning but usually warms up by mid afternoon. Once the wind comes through we'll know it's winter time in Vegas. 


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Sunny skies

These hummingbirds are so beautiful! We have less of them now that the weather is cooler but they still come to my office window where I have two feeders up. I love to watch them come and go throughout the day. They tilt their heads and look at me as I watch them fly around. :) 
This girl sure loves her guinea. 
But sometimes I find gross pictures like this one on my computer... lol 
I tried my hand at making homemade sourdough focaccia bread. It was just ok so I won't be making it again.
This meal was a hit though! It's a meal you make from Purple Carrot (meal delivery subscription) and it was good.

I made this peppermint mocha shake one afternoon which was lovely. All of beachbody's shakes are pretty good but this one is super tasty as a mid afternoon snack. 
I'm still chugging along with workouts although I have less motivation as the holidays draw near. I try to workout every other day if I can, unless I'm feeling overly sore or tired and then I may add an extra rest day in there. I'm not necessarily looking to lose weight right now with the holidays upon us but I'm trying to keep up my muscle mass and not gain weight. So far, so good = ) 


Friday, November 20, 2020

Things are looking up - everyone is healthy!

Our temps have gotten cooler but the sun is still shining! After living in places on the east coast that get less sunshine, I'll forever be grateful for a sunny day. It took this picture on my walk to get the mail in our neighborhood.
Emily has started holding Scotchy upside down. At first I told her she shouldn't, but since Scotchy doesn't really seem to mind, I suppose it's ok.
This is  Salmons new favorite spot. Alex jokes and says she thinks she's a parrot.
This isn't the most flattering picture but it's post workout and I was really happy to see more definition in my biceps! I haven't been working out as consistently, but I'm still trying for a few times a week!
This is me up early on a Saturday getting ready for Scouts. With covid and the need for social distancing we're meeting at a local park and doing all our activities outside. This is working great while our weather is still nice enough to do so.  I'm not sure exactly what our plan will be when the weather gets windy and cooler in the winter months. Stay tuned :) 


Thursday, November 19, 2020


You've gotta love the joy that kids find in the simple things in life. Emily is our flower picker - on every walk, bike ride, and trip around the neighborhood she's always picking the neighbors flowers and insisting I carry them all home. 
Scotchy is wearing all sorts of bows these days. Once Emily realized that she could get a bow to stay in her fur, she's been accessorizing her head. 
Salmon is also a constant figure in Alex's zoom calls for school. The guineas don't seem to mind all that much and since they mostly just sit there, I'm ok with it.
This weeks latest sourdough adventure included homemade pita bread.
They came out pretty nice although they were best the first day I made them. They were hallow on the inside so I stuffed them with left over pulled pork and we had them for lunch.
In an effort to get the kids moving a bit before they sit at computers all day for school, we did an impromptu bike ride around the neighborhood.  We only had maybe 15 minutes before school started so we did a fast 10 minute zip around, then headed home to log on.
Em got a little goofy when she fed Scotchy the other day. She made her a bed of lettuce and kale. I don't think Scotchy minded all that much. ;)
With the need for social distancing, we've been doing our first Friday's virtually each month and while it's been nice to see other peoples faces, it still hasn't been as awesome as our in person events.
I've also been doing a weekly zoom call with other beachbody coaches. This zoom call has been a highlight each week. We talk for a little while, catch up on the week, then we all mute ourselves and workout while on the call. It's the best we can do for a group workout given the current circumstances. The neat thing is that these coaches are all over the place and have met mostly through being stationed together at one place or another. I'm in Vegas, one gal is in Louisiana, a few are in Missouri. 
Workouts have been a highlight of my days. It gives me something good to focus on, has been good to reduce stress, and it helps me eat better too.
Another day and guineas are being silly and cute as usual. I put out a whole bunch of fresh hay (that the guienas eat) while cleaning their cage but this particular day, Salmon decided she wanted to snuggle down in the hay while she ate. It looked pretty cute so I had to snap a pic. 
This is me pointing to my gray hairs. I've been getting them for a while now but it would seem they're multiplying and gathering in groups now! I blame online school. Despite having two really smart kids, they both have a hard time staying focused on their work and just getting stuff done. They'd much rather talk with friends and play games while on live zoom calls...this means I'm literally sitting next to one or the other all day to monitor their actions and help ensure they're on track. I can tell you there are other things I'd rather do with my day than watch 2nd and 4th grade but we're all doing the best we can, just with a few more gray hairs along the way... 


Monday, November 16, 2020


Being home means staying busy making fun stuff like sourdough pretzels from scratch, just because you can. We ate allll of these in just a few days! 

This veggie lo mein is one of my end of week go-to meals since I throw in whatever veggies we have on hand. If you'd like the recipe, check it out on the right of this page! 
Being home all the time, I've tried to get out of the house and walk or run every day just to get a little sunshine and fresh air.
I went for an early morning run by myself and it was just beautiful to run as the sun came up.
Salmon here, as well  as Scotchy have been the most flexible, easy going pets. The kids pick them up all day long and the guinea pigs have sat in on more online classes than not.
Once Kevin was feeling better and no longer contagious, we got out of the house as a family and went for a lovely bike ride together. The temps were in the 60s and it was just wonderful.
Another day, another online class with her sedentary pet. 
Em asked me to do her nails so we did a variety of colors, as is her preference.
Each nail is a different color and the pattern was her suggestion.
One thing I did not expect was how much the kids were upset that the could be in the house with Kevin but not snuggling/hugging him. Emily especially was upset by this. So as soon as he wasn't contagious anymore,  you can bet she was like a little barnacle on his side! 

Around the house...

We had an eventful week where Butterscotch lost not one but both of her top front teeth! Emily noticed that one was crooked and then the fol...